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[Mar. 28th, 2008|10:58 pm]
The Fahrenheit 451 Fan Community



"Fahrenheit 451 is a beautiful piece of literature, a cautionary tale warning against the de-intellectualization of society. Guy Montag and his ignorant generation captivated my sixteen year old thoughts, as I read it for the first time. Bradbury’s words are still as poignant and telling as ever, evoking images of dusty, deserted libraries being engulfed in orangey flames. Ironically, since most people don’t read, it’s going to take a film to help get the importance of literature message across.

According to MTV, producer Frank Darabont is planning a new adaptation of the classic work, and Tom Hanks has professed an interest in playing the lead, Guy Montag. At the beginning of the novel, the central character is a naive fireman who is paid to burn books; however, as the action progresses, he begins questioning his surroundings and alienates many of those he once held closest.

As MTV pointed out in their article, the magic of this potential casting stems from Hanks’ everyman quality. Guy Montag is not a hero. He doesn’t look like Superman, and his life is far from perfect. Vin Diesel couldn’t play this role, neither could Brad Pitt, but Tom Hanks, I could definitely get on board with that. Here’s to hoping Darabont pulls some strings and gets the essential financing in place."