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Yes, I did finish the book... [Jun. 5th, 2008|08:17 am]
The Fahrenheit 451 Fan Community


I finally finished reading Fahrenheit 451 several days ago, wondering as I did so why I had been so reluctant to get started on it before. After I got past the first chapter or two the story really captured my interest and I couldn't put it down. Keep in mind that this was a library book that was renewed and then ended up past due because I couldn't get myself started on it!

Despite what he does in his job of fireman, burning books and harassing those people caught with them, Guy Montag is a very likeable everyday guy. He's doing what he was taught all his life was the right thing to do. I think it even says in the story that his father and grandfather were firemen also.

The most frightening thing about this story to me was the way everyone was getting their quick fix with all this information overload. These people weren't living their lives, they were zooming through it on what they were seeing and hearing on television. It's like the worst-case scenario of what could happen to our society today. Guy's wife, Mildred, with her little earplug things made me very disinterested in getting one of those clip on your ear phones. The woman's brain was nothing but mush, incapable of any original thinking. And this "family" thing that his wife talks about is very disturbing. I wonder how Guy managed to not absorb as much of this as she did, but then that's why his brain was probably still capable of some original thinking when exposed to something he didn't understand.

And his captain, Beatty, was scary because he was also aware of how wrong things had become, he knew about books and what they taught, but he gave in and went with the flow many years before. I ended up skipping quickly through some of his dialog when it started becoming page length, it was disturbing how he tried to rationalize everything away.

The part with Montag burning Beatty really hit my squick button though, my personal hangup I guess, I'd rather beat somebody over the head with something than burn them to death.

I was sorry there wasn't anything else about Clarisse, apparently she died quietly off to the side and we were never given many details about it.

Another disturbing thing was the glimpses of violence we saw as Montag tried to escape from those hunting him. The kids running around in their souped up cars and casually intimidating, even killing, others and no one doing anything about it. An eerie premonition of how it is in some of our larger cities today.

Well, I was left feeling very glad I'd stuck with reading them book, and I actually wished there was more, to find out what happened to Montag, how he went on with his life after the city was destroyed. I wondered if he ever got to read a whole book! Anyway, I know I don't have the right words to adequately describe all the different aspects of this story but I can't stress enough how interesting it was, especially reading it now in this time in our society.